Many parents think sugar cause hyperactivity, yet studies prove otherwise.
Here are the fact:

parent perception

35 boys were given sugar free drink but half the mom’s got told their kids recieved a sugar dose. The moms reported the kids to be more hyperactive.

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guilty by association

It is likely for kids get more hyperactive at parties duo to excitment. Sugar is not to blame here.

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no proven link

The link between sugar and kids behavour is based on a single study from the 1990’s. When a single kid showed a better behavous with a sugar free diet.

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not convinced yet?

If you still don’t beileve that kids sugar hyperactivity comes from false perception, try out this game.

It is you kid's birthday party. See what happens when you offer them some cake

Did the cake make them go faster?

No, the cake did not make them go faster, however, if you excpect it to make them go faster your brain might make you feel as if it did and it would be hard to tell since they are fast already.